According to the Telegraph, Paphos is one of the most chosen destinations for summer getaways,(Europe’s 20 best countries – according to you) something that doesn’t surprise me since Paphos has beautiful clean beaches, good fish restaurants, and cool sights to visit.

Personally, my favorite place to visit every summer is Latchi. There, you will find the Aphrodite Beach which is a quiet beach near where, mythically, the goddess of love was born. This beach has been a very beautiful part of my childhood because all of my family meets this one time of the year, at a place where is packed with caravans and tents and we just do fun outdoor activities all day.


The most amazing thing about Aphrodite Beach and the spot we always camp is Nature; just the absence of the noise, the smelly air and the traffic of the city, makes the whole experience refreshing and carefree. Here, all you hear are crickets and your summer jams on the radio.


When I was younger and when my uncle still had his boat, he used to take me and my cousins into the sea and we would stop the middle of nowhere for a little while to swim in the blue waters (there are no sharks in this beach and in Cyprus in general so it’s safe).



The beach is literally 4 minutes away from our tents and now that we don’t have the boat anymore, we spend our day canoeing, fishing and just relaxing under the sun. The maximum of people you will find at that beach during this hot period is 20 people. It’s just really nice and quiet and is family friendly.



No matter how many years will pass, this place will be one of my favorite summer getaways because I know for sure I will enjoy my time and relax. If you like visiting Cyprus for the summer, or never had been to Cyprus, this destination is totally recommended for those who are nature and peace lovers.




2 thoughts on “Camping at Aphrodite beach in Paphos.

  1. hi there, camping by the beach sounds lovely! I was in Paphos last week, but didn’t get the time to visit Aphrodite’s birthplace…something for next time, right? 🙂


    1. Glad to hear that you have visited Cyprus! Next time you should deffinately put Aphrodites beach on your map and near by there is a beach called blue lagoon that is as pretty as it sounds! 😊


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