It has been aproximately four months since I’ve been around a big group of people or attend a social event and the reason for that is because I am studying at a small provincial town in England where everything closes at 5 o’ clock (the shopping centre and cafes) and only the pubs and clubs are open until night. Unfortunately I am not about that life so, after five I hide away like a vampire. Basically, it feels like I have been stuck on an island alone for four months, especially the last two months where all my deadlines are finished and I have no other responsibilities.

I am just going to put it out there right now, the uni life for me hasn’t been the memorable, most awesome time of my life. I remember everyone saying to the 18 year-old me that it’s going to be the best three years of my life and, I’m 21 years old now and I can say with certainty that I had far more better years and I’m sure I will have better years after uni life is over.

So at last, I am one month away from graduating and finally going back to my Island, (I live in Cyprus). The thing is, when I think back, even though the memories are few (yet precious), the lessons I’ve learned about life are more, and so I’m leaving from Uni wiser and stronger. J.K Rowling said in a speech something that relates with my whole three-year uni experience and makes me kind of emotional when I get deep into it…

“You will never truly know yourself or the strength of your relationships, until both have been tested by adversity.”

Yes! I have gone through pain, stress, changes that I did not want to accept, but most of all, I went through loneliness. Through all these difficult times, I got to know myself better though. I know what I want, I know what I need, I’ve experienced loss of friends, I’ve been disrespected and under-appreciated by people, I’ve stayed loyal and in love with my boyfriend throughout three-year distance relationship and I’ve learned what’s important of keeping the relationship strong, including the relationship with my friends and family.

So in general, what is the big life lesson I’ve learned?

Being alone and isolated from the world, somehow gave me freedom. I am definately more independent and not a lot of people have that. A lot of people can’t deal with being alone and are not capable to solve their problems without someone’s help because they never had to do that (not that I’m saying that it’s wrong to ask for help but let’s be real, at the end of the day you are all you have).

Yes, it was difficult to be alone and dreadfully boring at some points but you know what? Now, I am perfectly happy and capable of spending quality time with myself and most importantly, I can help myself get through whatever difficulties come my way.

Another thing I’ve learned from being “isolated from the world”, is that the possibilities are endless, the future can hold anything and everything because you can invest that time in to growing.

What you can do is, you can start a new hobby! I started a new blog, joined the gym, (and I do not skip a day) and now I am going to learn photoshop and graphic design to start my own little craft shop cause why the hell not! Now is the time to set a goal and achieve it with more focus and energy because you have all the time in the world to do so since you don’t have any other responsibilities. You are your own boss. Also, read as many books as your heart desires. I was never the type to read scientific books or spiritual books but now it’s all I read because they help me grow.

I mean, there are days where the dark cloud seems to be following me everywhere I go and I will be getting emotional and negatige because I am not where I want to be and at as I am writing this, I am counting the days until I graduate so I can go back home, but until then, I want to do my best to use my free time efficiently. And when I do go back, I am going to be this new person who is not afraid to be alone, who is always creative and constantly active in life.

You can only be happy when you grow. The prettiest flowers are the ones that bloom to the fullest, and that won’t happen without a little rain.cropped-ade2b682c7945443a8190f1b15a35693.jpg


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