It’s hard work that often requires levels of self-belief that verge on delusion.
-Stephen Davis

I have this quote pinned on my board right in the middle of it, so it always catches my eye whenever I look that way. I’m reading it ten times a day without intending to and what it does is that those words take roots into my skull. Every time when everything inside me tells me that I’m going to fail, or that I’m not special or good enough for achieving my dream, the words automatically echo in my mind and help me to stay on the path I’ve chosen and so badly want to succeed.


It’s not easy believing in yourself when there are facts that tell you that all the odds are against you, and especially when no one else seems to believe in you either. It is easy to give up and choose to live a mediocre life;  that’s why the biggest percentage of the human population is doing it because it provides the security of having a stable job, a house and food. But what about our dreams and our goals that we so badly wanted to achieve while we were in Uni?  Are we suppose to just give up on them because it’s harder fighting against the odds? Why do we suddenly lower our standards and lose our ambition just about when it’s time to take action? We should be doing the exact opposite! We should rise up even stronger, more determined, more ambitious and more ready to take on what is ours…

Believing in yourself requires being delusional; delusional that you are the only person pursuing that dream, delusional that you are better than everyone else who has the same goal as you. No one is going to believe in you as hard as YOU will believe in yourself.

Remember that fact every single day of your life.

Be delusional, be crazy enough to think that you are going to make it because then, through all the stubbornness, you will make it. There is no other way than forward if you keep trying. If you keep working, keep researching, keep FAILING and learning from those failures, keep trying new things… then you will never stand still on that road and of course, you will never ever, take a step back.


Going through a phase in your life where you have to make decisions about your future and you are stress sick and lost? You are not alone… here are some helpful advises on how to deal with it and stay POSITIVE! 🙂

A Sign that you are Growing.

A Guide for Life after University.


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